Nominees - IV Gaudí Awards

  • Best Film in Catalan language

    • BRUC, LA LLEGENDA Directed by Daniel Benmayor, written by Patxi Amezcua and Jordi Gasull and produced by Ikiru films, Mesfilms Inversions, Bruc-Laurion and Televisió de Catalunya
    • CATALUNYA ÜBER ALLES! Directed by Ramon Térmens, written by Daniel Faraldo and Ramon Térmens and produced by Segarra Films with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • EVA Directed by Kike Maíllo, written by Martí Roca, Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente and Aintza Serra and produced by Escándalo Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • OPEN 24H Written and directed by Carles Torras and produced by Zabriskie Films with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Film in non-Catalan language

    • I WANT TO BE A SOLDIER (DE GRAN VULL SER SOLDAT) Directed by Christian Molina, written by Cuca Canals and Christian Molina and produced by Canónigo Films and Black Flag Cinema
    • KATMANDÚ. UN ESPEJO EN EL CIELO Directed by Icíar Bollaín, written by Icíar Bollaín with the collaboration of Paul Laverty and produced by Media Films with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • LOS PASOS DOBLES Directed by Isaki Lacuesta, written by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo and produced by Tusitala Producciones Cinematográficas, Bord Cadre Films and Televisión Española with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • MIENTRAS DUERMES Directed by Jaume Balagueró, written by Alberto Marini and produced by Filmax with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Director

    Best Screenplay

  • Best Leading Actress

    Best Leading Actor

    Best Production Management

    Best Documentary Film

    • AL FINAL DE L'ESCAPADA Written and directed by Albert Solé and produced by Minimal Films, Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española
    • BARCELONA, ABANS QUE EL TEMPS HO ESBORRI Directed by Mireia Ros, written by Javier Baladia and Victoria Bermejo and produced by Promarfi Futuro 2010, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • ENXANETA Directed by Paulí Subirà i Claramunt, written by Rafa Navarro and produced by Televisió de Catalunya
    • LA MALETA MEXICANA Written and directed by Trisha Ziff and produced by Mallerich Films Paco Poch, 212 Berlín, IMCINE, Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya

  • Best Curtmetratge

    • AHORA NO PUEDO Directed by Roser Aguilar, written by Elena Serra i Corberó and produced by Ahora no puedo Producciones (Oriol Sala-Patau)
    • EL BARCO PIRATA Directed by Fernando Trullols, written by Fernando Trullols and Pepe Combalía and produced by Bastian Films
    • EL SOMRIURE AMAGAT Directed by Ventura Durall, written by Ventura Durall and Miguel Llanso and produced by Nanouk Films
    • ODYSSEUS' GAMBIT Written and directed by Àlex Lora and produced by AI and Inicia Films

    Best Film for TV

    • 14 D’ABRIL. MACIÀ CONTRA COMPANYS Directed by Manuel Huerga, written by Toni Soler and produced by Minoria Absoluta and Televisió de Catalunya
    • BARCELONA CIUTAT NEUTRAL Directed by Sònia Sánchez, written by Mateu Adrover and Xesc Barceló and produced by Prodigius Cinema and Televisió de Catalunya
    • CLARA CAMPOAMOR, LA MUJER OLVIDADA Directed by Laura Mañá, written by Yolanda García Serrano and Rafa Russo and produced by Distinto Films, Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya
    • ERMESSENDA Directed by Lluís Maria Güell, written by Núria Furió and Mercè Sarrias and produced by Ovideo TV and Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Animated Film

    • ARRUGAS Directed by Ignacio Ferreras, written by Ángel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras and Rossana Ceccini and produced by Perro Verde and Cromosoma
    • CHICO & RITA Directed by Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal and Tono Errando, written by Fernando Trueba and Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and produced by Estudio Mariscal, Fernando Trueba PC and Televisió de Catalunya
    • FLOQUET DE NEU Directed by Andrés G. Schaer, written by Albert Val and Amelia Mora and produced by Filmax, Muf Animation, Utopia Global and Televisió de Catalunya
    • ROVELLÓ I LA LLEGENDA DE SANT JORDI Directed by Antoni D’Ocon, written by Antoni D’Ocon and Josep Penya, and produced by D’Ocon Films and Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Art Direction

  • Best Supporting Actress

    Best Supporting Actor

    Best Film Editing

    Best Original Score

    Best Cinematography

  • Best Costume Design

    Best Sound

    • Pelayo Gutiérrez and Nacho Royo-Vilanova for CHICO & RITA
    • Xavier Mas, Glenn Freemantle and Mike Dowson for BRUC, LA LLEGENDA
    • Jordi Rossinyol, Oriol Tarragó and David Calleja for MIENTRAS DUERMES
    • Jordi Rossinyol, Oriol Tarragó and Marc Orts for EVA

    Best Special / Digital Effects

    • Reyes Abades and Félix Bergés for BRUC, LA LLEGENDA
    • Arturo Balseiro, Lluís Castells and Javi García for EVA
    • David Martí, Montse Ribé and Cesc Biénzobas for MIENTRAS DUERMES
    • David Martí, Montse Ribé, Oriol Tarrida, Bruno López Louro, David Martínez Hinojosa and Iván Valero for FLOQUET DE NEU

    Best Make-Up and Hairstyles

    Best European Film

    • THE KING'S SPEECH (EL DISCURS DEL REI) Directed by Tom Hooper, written by David Seidler and produced by The Wenstein Company, UK Film Council and Momentum Pictures. UK, USA and Australia
    • MELANCHOLIA (MELANCOLÍA) Written and directed by Lars von Trier and produced by Zentropa Entertainments, Memfis Film and Zentropa International Sweden. Denmark, Germany and Sweden
    • NO HABRÁ PAZ PARA LOS MALVADOS Directed by Enrique Urbizu, written by Michel Gaztambide and Enrique Urbizu and produced by Lazonafilms and Telecinco Cinema. Spain
    • PINA Written and directed by Wim Wenders and produced by Neue Road Movies, Eurowide Film Production and Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen. Germany, France and UK

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